Monday, May 22, 2006

Navjot Singh Siddhu must apoligise

Dear friends,

As you know the anti reservation stir is being supported by all those power elite in India who have lost touch with the ground realities and who wish to remain in the limelight through propagandist uppercaste media. In democracy, people have differences and have every right to speak but the way the anti reservationists are mocking at the merits of Dalits, backwards, Adivasis, need some serious thinking.

Navjot Singh Siddhu,a former cricketer and now a Member of Parliament from the Bharatiya Janata Party is one of the favorite TV stars these days. He would be making jokes at disabilities, on womens and caste and make 'indians' I mean upper castes laugh. In India you always laugh at others, at the disability of others, at the caste of others and at the colours of others.

Siddhu went to address a meeting of the anti reservationists doctors in Delhi on 20th and made some derogatory remarks against the OBCs, Dalits and other marginalised who are beneficiary of the reservation. According to Times of India, Delhi edition dated 21st, May, 2006 report Siddhu said :

" Kauva agar oonchi dal per chad jaye to woh bag nahee ban jaata, Insaan apne karm se ooncha banata hai

a literal translation of this is

A crow cannot become a tiger by sitting on top of a tree.. one become big because of ones Karma'.

This is shameful and atrocious. Siddhu has not only defamed the great preaching of Guru Nanaka who revolted against Caste system and brahmanical values and start his 'Sikh' dharma. I request all of you to expose this dirty campaign going around in India. It becomes more shocking when a member of Parliament speak such a racist language. Does Siddhu want to say that all those reservationists are 'crows' and all those 'martyrs' for the casue of their upper caste brothers are 'tigers'. Further, does Siddhu want to say that a scavenger is today cleaning the toilets because of his ' Karma' and all the Tirupati brahmins are there because of their Karma. But what can one expect from a party upholder of Manu dharma shastra.

This issue must be raised by the Dalit members of Parliaments and at all international forums. The Sikh Groups must condemn a man who has defamed his own community. Such racist slur on part of member of Parliament need to be condemned. In solidarity for the rights of all those who are victims of the brahmanical tyranny,

Vidya Bhushan Rawat