Thursday, December 10, 2009

Victory of people's aspiration in telengana

Power of the unorganized: Hail the decision for a separate Telengana state

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

It is December 10th today, the day of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And co-incidentally, it became the day of a new dawn for Telenagana people. So definitely, a day of victory of people’s right. Hail it.

Telengana will be a reality soon. The announcement by Home Minister P.Chadambaram, in the midnight has ended the uncertainty around this and brought back life in the historical city of Hyderabad. Obviously the city did not sleep. The whole region is witnessing festivities.

It is a happy occasion. It has been the longest struggle in the history of India that a people who have been denied rights to development, had to struggle this way. But at the end the
Government of the day realized that it has no option but to hear the voices of the people.

This brings us to the main lesson from this spontaneous outburst of the people of Telengana. That no organized movement succeed as that is led by particular party and leaders, to succeed, you have to reach the heart of the people and people have to participate at their own. Though TRS ignited the flame. It was the main party that raised the issue of Telengana during the past few years, yet if the current upsurge is concern, it was obvious that people had decided, enough is enough. It is the power of democracy.

This victory of people of Telenagna has lessons for all. Particularly for those who consider democracy as mere bourgeoisie one. Who consider democracy can not give them any thing. That it is a fad and they pick up guns and mould public opinion on the basis of guns. Yes, it is time for them to think off. Come in the political battle to fight for their cause. There is enough space in India to put the government on knees and get your right. A democracy, even in the worst form is million time better then a theocratic state or dictatorial communist regimes which uses military tanks to keep people suppressed, deny them right to speak and organize.

This is time to celebrate. I know cynics will say what difference does it makes. Ofcourse, it is up to people to control their leaders, monitor their work and put them to mat with the electoral process. Yes, ballots have more power then bullets. As I said there is no time to think how it will happen. Take some time, think of it and work for a better state you all worked hard to achieve. Let the hatred from the heart go. This is not a victory. In democracy it is people’s victory. It is not a defeat of any one as at the end of the day, we all are citizens of India and interdependent on each others. Many people will move to their states but they will still have friends and relatives in other states. So, all the heart burns must end here. Andhra and Telengana should be friend again as equal partners.

There will be many such demands for more states and the centre will have look into them. They will strengthen India and its idea of diversity. This is the realization of the rightful demand of the people of Telengana. If at all, it is the victory of democratic system in India, it is the victory of idea of India. Let those who are working with tribal, claiming to fight for their rights learn from this historic struggle of Telengana as how government can be brought to understand their demand. It is democracy and in democracy it is people who matter most. Many states have been created on people’s popular will but the role of the people is now much bigger. And it is to control their leaders and force them to take their decisions in public interest. We are waiting for that day. One hope, the people of Telengana, will keep this spirit up when the new government takes over the state. The battle for human rights has begun now.


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