Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

A new year wish to end the caste corruption in India Dear friends, This is to wish you all wonderful days ahead in year 2012. We have witnessed the strong role of the social movements in changing the fortunes of many countries. But it is also a fact that in the absence of an alternative there seems to be an organised chaos existing in many of these countries which hoped that they would change the power for the better. India also witnessed a strong protest for the Lokpal bill which is now proved to politicised. While there is no doubt that we need strong Lokpal or ombudsman yet it is equally important it does not infringe the constitutional provisions and delicate power balance by handing over the power to some unaccountable retired or present day 'experts'. The fight for a Lokpal need to be understand in that way. After years of struggle, we were able to form a constitution of ours which gave opportunity to all ( I can understand many would disagree) but the Dalits, Minorities and backward communities feel it as their constitution. It is not that they all respect the government structure or not interested to eliminate the corruption. How can people victim of caste, religious and gender violence in India ignore the issue of corruption. The problem is those who shout at top and added with great media circus are the one who have no opinion or cleverly sideline the issue of the marginalised sections of society. Yes, they would not speak against the corrupt corporate, film stars, business houses and illegal land grab by the religious gurus as all of them want to 'fight' against 'corruption'. The joke of this campaign is that it has actually awakened the marginalised sections of society against the social fascism which exists in India. India's political system will not work unless we attain social democracy. Unfortunately. Anna Hazare and his team does not think that way as they think that more the laws are better to govern India. It is unfortunate that in the name of eradicating corruption, middle classes which enjoy the power through corruption is now talking of corruption. Anyway, corruption without fight against social fascism in India and a war against untouchability and caste system will never succeed. Yes, the religio fascist forces are up in arms. They are using science and technology. Middle class Indians can not survive without these babas, sadhus and hypocrites which are perfect breeding grounds for fanatic middle classes which want to enjoy the globalisation, power without question and control India in the name of fight against corruption. Yes, a perfect wish for a happy new year would be to get rid of these thugs who cheat people as Prof Venkat Ramakrishanana said by maintaining that Astrology is not science. It will be good if government of India understand this and regulate TV Channels including the news channels who are spreading this poison of Brahmanical system into our mind. If these things are not controlled and stopped, there will be a big disaster for India. The fascist forces will use these 'super natural' power holder for their own purposes. Interestingly, none of team Anna member ever question these Babas and how they amassed huge properties. Is that not corruption when they claim to treat every disease. Is that not corruption when Sai Baba died in a first class medical hospital despite claiming super natural powers. Hope in the coming days, these fads will be exposed. The only hope is not middle class and our new channels but from India's poor who despite all this orchestrated campaign are still not attracted to them. Hope the middle classes will develop a scientific attitude and question these thugs who want to control their mind. Government of India must head to the advise of Justice Markandey Katju, the chairman of the Press Council of India regarding the contents of these programmes. Many of them could be booked under gambling and cheating act. We must canvas for a law that control these tricktsters in the name of possessing the super natural power. I wish India will be a Prabuddha Bharat, enlightened India where the dirty character of our great society is exposed and all those fighter against corruption understand that caste is the most corrupt thing that could happen to India. Let us eliminate caste system and untouchability. Are those fighting against corruption ready to expose our notorious caste system and truly ready to fight against it. In the din of fight against corruption, we have completely forgotten the tribal war against corruption where the corrupt Industries are in land grab. Is the fight against corruption, a clear cut deviation from other important issues where people are fighting for their rights, autonomy and human rights. Is India just Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata with a few middle classes claiming to be more Indian than others. Such communal colours of nationalism must be rebutted. Nationalism is not the monopoly of those who take a tricolor in the street and violate the traffic rules and hound the nation. In fact, this nationalistic perception is actually asking the government to be more stringent in law making rather than understanding the issues. Hope the land struggle of millions of Dalits, tribal and farmers will be given due space in our media. Indian media need to take these issues into consideration particularly the loudmouth TV channel otherwise, it is indeed the need of the hour to expose the hidden agenda of the media. I hope some of our media analyst would do it so that we can understand what is behind the news. And finally, I wish, India could be saved from Messiahs. It would be better. Please do not create these fatalistic messiahs as Messiahism takes you to fascist tendencies. India can do better without Gods, goddesses, babas, Sadhus and messiahs. Have a safe year ahead and keep up writing against the corrupt practices of our 'great' 'culture' that remain hidden so far. Wish you all success in your life. Yours Sincerely, Vidya Bhushan Rawat