Sunday, January 01, 2017

A wake up call
Welcome 2017. Seasons greetings to you all in hope that there will more interaction, a positive one among all of us. There was brutal repression on students and all segments particularly those who are considered to opinion makers even when we know the 'mainstream' opinion is being manufactured by the lie factories of particular thoughts that we all know. When you have everything under your disposal virtually spineless then why are they afraid of a few of us?
It means that One truth has bigger power than millions of lies.Past year gave us hope also as protests grew up in the country though at the fag end the 'supreme leader' has #demonetised 86% of our currency thus throwing the entire country into an organised and well planned chaos to help the power elite and their business from collapsing. At the end of the year people felt that the Raja would introspect and speak about the killings of the people and hope for future but he gave them election promises.
These things are not happening in isolation. There is attempt to subvert parliament and look down upon it in contempt. Why are these announcement not made and discussed there. Why do you need a monologue to do so. Why has the announcement for housing, health etc need to be announced by the Prime Minister ? Is Ministry of Finance now being sidelined like what happened in Sushma Swaraj's case with her Ministry of External Affairs. A cabinet is a combined responsibility of Ministers and it seems our Prime minister is taking éxtrapain' to 'deliver' for his ministries. Not acceptable.
Most of the sectors which mattered in terms of opinion are under the threat by this blatant invasion on their integrity. The civil society was targeted earlier, the organisations working for the poor, the students groups, the academia and the media which did not toe the line. These are actually the best period for all these institutions to flourish if they have spine as some of them showed during emergency. Today, the situation is far worst than what you could imagine in 1975. Today's corporate state has developed new mechanism against the dissenters. It is not merely physical threat or intimidation by the intelligence or tax authorities but also manufacturing of stories by the #bhaktmedia to denigrate those who stand and speak.
Morality today is not what we used to think or what was taught to us but it is sarkari defined morality. We felt Constitutional morality but morality by this elite is different. It is basically based on the 'papers' that you hold. So if you do not have a paper for something that does not satisfy by the Babus then you are immoral. All the power elite in the country with their ill gotten wealth are the 'role model'. It is interesting to know that in our struggle against corruption and nepotism we never heard the names of those thugs who are involved in tax evasion and parking their money abroad not just in Switzerland but also in Panama. We have not heard anything about the Dalal Street in Mumbai and its master being investigated. A few stories are those of comparatively very small people and that too will not be investigated properly. We know these are headline grabbing things to keep the people 'hopeful' in the so called war against çorruption'.
An environment of intimidation is prevailing where the ruling party behaving like opposition and very shockingly the opposition has no will to fight against the government. It is time to make Parliament functional and use it as we know the government would convert it into monologue but there are great speakers even today and they must use the opportunity for a fruitful debate. It is time for all of us to be with people, use the social media to spread our thoughts and come into close cooperation with like minded people. It is time to join hands to fight against the corporate brahmanical war on its people. We know us have extreme views and many of us feel except us none think and we are purer than others. Political battles are not fought in isolation and exclusivism, they need to be widely inclusive with a Common Minimum Programme and participation and inclusion of a diverse groups of people. Yes, politics cant survive on past prejudices. They give us lessons to learn to move forward in the direction envisioned by our constitutional forefathers.
We know many of us have been doing things at different places. Working with people in our own ways, helping the needy and the most marginalised. That must continue. Democratise the spaces that we have and make them secular in absolute terms, politicise a debate and make linkages. I have no prejudices except that a clear no in the company of hate mongers and those who suffer from prejudices. Any secular action that speak of people's right is welcome and our solidarity with such movements and struggles. I believe in Baba Saheb Ambredkar's vision and would definitely go to strengthen his ideas of a modern democracy. Yes, my Ambedkarism make me link to all the like minded rationalist, humanist, secularist, Periyarists, Phulewadis, Bhagat Singh Wadis, and all streams of activists, who are fighting for people's right and doing a bit. At least do our bit to express solidarities with those who are working for people's right. Let the 'Jhanda-banner' be aside as I know these are the issues that some time fails people.
As long as we are alive we must carry hope positively. If hope is lost our lives are lost. I wish you all purposeful days ahead. Hope you have satisfying life in fulfilling your aspirations and commitments. And yes, always listen to Kabir, Shailendera, Sahir, Faiz and so many others as empower us, help us and be with us, when we are all alone.
Vidya Bhushan Rawat
January 1st, 2017

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